The great Latin American Video Games Conference is back in Córdoba

August 31st to September 2nd - 2018

The synergy and entrepreneurial climate of one of the largest cities in Latin America, where international Developers, Publishers, Speakers and Journalists meet for the fourth consecutive year.

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For the first time in Córdoba, a Job Fair that connects professionals, students and video games companies. Come and present your résumé, your next job is waiting for you!



August 31 - September 1

1955 Pablo Ricchieri Avenue - Ciudad de las Artes


September 2

401 Poeta Lugones Avenue - Centro Cultural Córdoba

Come and enjoy with your family the expo of video games developed in Argentina. Meet the developers presenting their own games. Don't miss it!

September 2. From 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Free admission.

A night to remember. Meet talented professionals, talk business and create deep and meaningful new work relationships all while enjoying the best night time party in the industry.

Saturday, September 1st. 11 pm Studio Theater, 272 Rosario de Santa Fe St.

Organized by:

The Video Games Developers Association of Argentina, Córdoba Chapter is a non-profit organization composed of companies and professionals dedicated to the creation of video games, whose objective is to promote and encourage the development of video games in the Argentine Republic through various initiatives. ADVA is today the main reference for any international company or individual interested in seeking new opportunities and contacting the development community of Argentina.



Nicolae Berbece (Romania)

CEO and founder of Those Awesome Guys.
Creator of the critically acclaimed Move or Die. He specializes in Game Design, Art and Management.

Anya Fedorova (Cyprus)

Anya worked at PR & Marketing Executive positions at Noviy Disk, CD Projekt Red, Nival, International business development at Yandex. She is currently in charge of Strategic Partnership at RJ Games. 18 years in games and IT industry.

Leandro Baggini (Argentina)

CEO and founder of Cosmo Games.
He has worked with international IP’s like Agatha Christie’s Poirot and Plan D and original IPs as well.

Anton Ravin (Czech Republic)

Business Development Director at 1C Company EU. Content acquisition executive, He specializes in sales and PC, mobile and console games. Founded in 1991, 1C Company is one of the most fruitful publishers in the market.

Monte Singman (China)

Vice President of International Business Development at iDreamSky (NASDAQ:DSKY) and Chief Professor at Shanghai Theatre Academy. 32 years of experience in the industry, working in companies such as Capcom and franchises as Street Fighter.

David Gilbert (USA)

CCO and founder of Wadjet Eye Games.
Creator of the critically acclaimed The Shivah and The Blackwell Legacy. Multi awarded developer and publisher especialized in game design and graphic adventures.

Andrés Zardain (Argentina)

CEO and founder of BarbaCube. Board Director member of ADVA. 13 years of experience in the industry. He specializes in production and game design. He has worked with clients like Disney and Cartoon Network.

Peter Heinrich (USA)

Developer Evangelist for Amazon, helps game developers improve their games, optimize their code and get their products noticed. Started his career in 1991 porting flight simulators to Amiga. Casual game developer and co-founder of a company dedicated to educational games.

Ignacio Bustos (Argentina)

CTO and founder of Sureksu. Co-creator of the multi-award winning Blink and Die VR. His areas of expertise are project management, programming, game design and documentation. Sureksu is a studio specialized in educational and kids´games, for mobile, browser, VR and consoles.

Andrés Rossi (Argentina)

Andres Rossi is the head of the Bachelor degree in video game production and entertainment in the Universidad Nacional de Rafaela, he is owner of Sismo Games, a studio specialized in social and mobile games. Currently he is the president of the Cámara de Empresas de Desarrollo Informático de Rafaela (Chamber of IT Development Companies of Rafaela) and honorary president of ADVA.

Christian Andrade (Ecuador)

Epic Games´ Unreal Engine Tech Evangelist. As Unreal Engine evangelist he gives lectures and workshops all over Latin America, offering tools and training developpers with the aim of promote and enhance the creation of video games made in Unreal Engine 4.

Florencia Orsetti (Argentina)

Also known as Lunatika, Florencia its a promoter of indie game development Especially involved with the Argentinean video game industry. With a vast experience in digital press, localization and videogame social media.

Felipe Budinich (Chile)

Marketing Director at AOne Games, a company founded in 2015 developing Omen of Sorrow for Playstation 4. Creator of Evilot, the first Chilean videogame to be successfully crowdfunded via Kickstarter. Cofounder of Syrenaica inc.

Gabriel Rosa (Argentina)

CEO and founder of Robi Studios.
Technical Artist specialized in planning, supervision and creation of content and pipeline design for the production of 3d characters and environments.

Jonathan Heredia (Argentina)

Sureksu's Art Director. His areas of expertise are 2D and 3D art, branding, concept art and supervising art teams. Art designer of the multi-award winning Blink and Die VR. Sureksu specializes in kids and edu-games, as well as mobile, browser, VR and console games.