The great Latin American Conference of Video Games is back in Cordoba

The synergy and entrepreneurial climate of one of the largest cities in Latin America, where Developers, Publishers, Speakers and Journalists of international stature meet for the third consecutive year.

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Attention! Tickets can only be purchased by EventBrite, they will not be sold on site!!


Centro Cultural Córdoba - Av. Poeta Lugones 401

Organized by:

The Video Games Developers Association of Argentina, Córdoba Chapter is a non-profit organization composed of companies and individuals dedicated to the creation of video games, whose objective is to promote and encourage the development of video games in the Argentine Republic through various initiatives. ADVA is today the main reference for any international company or individual interested in seeking new opportunities and contacting the development community of Argentina.



Masaru Ohnogi (Japan).

Vice President of Global Business Development at gumi Inc, one of the leading publishing companies in Japan and partner in the Virtual Reality investment fund called The Venture Reality Fund. Specialist in new business, IT marketing and founding of new companies.

Robert Pontow (Japan)

Independent consultant from Japan for cross-platform publishing, mainly concentrated on Japanese and Chinese markets but with 8 years experience in marketing for Europe and America as well. Focussing on indie video games, an expert in the industry, especially in Asia for PC and consoles.

Kevin Cerdà Pérez (Spain)

Currently Lead Game Designer at Tequila Works, a company located in Madrid, working on Rime for Playstation 4. Co-Founder, Game Designer and Marketing Director of Beautifun Games, creator of the world-acclaimed Nihilumbra. Telecommunications engineer, knowledgeable expert in the video game industry, new games and new technologies and trends.

Fernando Ortega Ferrón (Spain)

Former Directo and Executive Director of Sindiecate Arts, a video game publishing company for PlayStation 4, XBoxOne, Nintendo, Android, iOS and Steam. CEO of MadeInSpain Games. Former Director of the Degree of Video Games at ESNE, Spain. Currently presenting Nongünz, seasoned connoisseur of the secrets of publishing.

Federico Esposito (Argentina)

CEO of Sureksu, multi-award-winning video game studio specializing in mobile, browser and VR development. Member of the Board of Directors of ADVA, lecturer focused on entrepreneurship, financing and legal issues of the video game industry in Latam. Terrible programmer and fan of the history of video game development.

Javier Otaegui (Argentina)

I.T. Engineer and MBA. Founder and CEO of Sabarasa Entertainment, where he worked in approximately 40 projects between 1996 and 2013. CTO in NGD Studios, during the development of the first AAA fully produced in Argentina. Currently he is developing new projects independently. Co-founder and first president of ADVA, expert in budgeting, development technologies and business plans.

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